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Copyrighted by Arnoldo Aguila; translated by Aly Martinez. First tale of the spanish book "Serpiente Emplumada"


She began to run in front of him; naked.
It was a game and he accepted the challenge, so as dressed as she was, he continued in the race: a prelude of what is beautiful.
This was their third honeymoon in a world without adultery, without bitter conflicts, without inclusions of thirds: beautiful cultural heritage of the ancestors.
And within the inherited premises: always do something better, something different.
The sun was drowned in the horizon while they progressed towards the darkness.
"When will she stop? ", he asked himself.
The steps of the race were fast.
sawhim her very long, black hair, sometimes beaten, fondling on her face, a tan body and buttocks, more clearly, showing a full and solid form of perfection.
He was
strong, with small, brown eyes; she, on the contrary, had these beautiful, large, green eyes.
They knew what the race would end in.
Making love in any place, without hiding; defeating the old prejudices.
They were inheritors of an extraordinary, amatorial culture and they dominated it scientifically, because they had followed with interest the educational series offered by television to keep alive the folklore.
They had taken advantage of their thirty years of relations, ever since the computers briefed them about the mutual compatibility, and the technique of both was insurmountable.
In addition, were excited by the gentle breeze, the sea calm, as they ran by the sand leaving behind other couples who were also enjoying life.
She did not stop because it would be repeat very similar experiences, and
time she wanted solitude.
-How far do you plan on going?
-Almost there ... Almost there ...  
-Did you forgot the general check?
The WWCS, the World Wide Computeral System, had prepared the check of the entire population in four parts. They were given the last shift and they should present themselves as early as tomorrow.
- No. .. Rightfully - she said something strange-, the ones from the second honeymoon have not returned.
-True, were in the first round of the check. They should have already. . .
She stopped laughing and laid down on the wet sand where the foam of the small waves washed onto her.
The uncertain light of the evening provided a magical charm.
They began to make love, playing between the pains that induced pleasure, between the rejection of the strong smell which then became steely determination,
the plays of the come and go with the magical wisdom of hundreds of  

With her voice modulated by the more appalling desire, she said to him:

-Forget the check.

At the beginning he was alarmed.

-Violate a rule?

The lips, the anxious mouth of hers, and she told herself that not always have human beings been strict when abiding the rules and therefore differed from the blind mechanisms. Then there would be some solution ...

Night time was approaching, he asked her:

-What do you think about Eggly?    

She thought for a moment and replied:

-Won the referendum; I think.

Eggly was a member of the House that had been distinguished for years in the struggle for the world's growing population, the lowest of all times. Against the position argued, with the support of the computers by another deputy, Hersower, on the need to maintain the cost of the module of individual happiness in raw materials and energy within a reasonable level.

Now she was the one who took the initiative, while they warmly remained united between the sand and the sea foam.

-I feel strange, as if I’m expecting something inevitable.

while the moon bathed them from a clear sky.

-I have also felt like that. As if something will reach its natural end. I had not wanted to tell you because I did not want you to worry.

It was as if there was a paralysis between the whispers of waves and the salty mist, between the moist sand and the light of the full moon.

-Do you remember, -she interrupted the silence - the ancestral fears of humanity by a rebellion of the robots?

-Stupid preventions. The computers have to obey the man.

She had a chill and asked, concerned:

-And won’t the current computers be too independent from us?


-Now you’re with the minority of Horty?

She persisted in her idea:

-What is the cause of this checkup? Why haven’t our friends returned?

-The checkup is a typical activity of the WWCS with their continuous statistics ... and our friends are on their honeymoon… like us.

When they returned to the circle, they once again began to worry about themselves and endlessly enjoyed their time together.  
Already in the light of day, they walked hand in hand, inventing games, forgetting about the exam, the referendum, about everything, occupied with things of less importance.
Two days after they were due, they started returning 

They had to walk because they did not find transportation.

In an exotic and secluded little hotel, where there had been only solitude,
some clothes and in exchange, an explanatory notea promise of retribution.

They continued their march toward the center of the city, because it wasn't the same to "borrow clothes" as to "take" a vehicle.

The doubts, step-by-step, beat at them ...

They found no one.

The houses in hopes of the early return of its inhabitants.

The streets, without vehicles.

The atmosphere, the ambiance,
to return to its typical

Everything was, and remained silent.

The sound of steps, conversation, machinery, was nonexistent. . .

The city; dead.

desolate, lightened street, they decided to enter a home. They entered and, of course, there was no one around. Objects were looking forward to the return of their owners. It was sad to hear a domestic robot, with her apron, who informed them on the soon return ofowners,if they wanted something in the meantimewished them to feel as if they were in their own home.

One of them had made a journal.
readthe last annotation: "I’m leaving towards the Center to get the requested checkup by the computers. The day is limpid and beautiful. How good it is to be alive!

They were no longer in a hurry.

They knew the idiocy of the gesture, but they called their friends by the videophone.

Nobody answered.

There was no TV.  

Either way, they wanted to make sure and she scheduled the microcomputer to do 10 000 random calls with 20 seconds of warning for each one, and always to individual subscribers.

They could not entertain themselves much while the time passed.

They only waited.

A doorbell rang in the house next door and, with desperation, he ran to answer. 

They both looked through the screens without saying anything. She made the videophone continue the exploration but the image faded. It

On the third day, already in the afternoon, the microcomputer announced that all the calls had been made. Number of replies: zero.

Where was everybody?


There was the logic.

In this moment they understood
about the checkup being divided in four parts for the entire population.

What is the

Eggly’s referendum.

to increase the population; WWCS, decrease. WWCS beat them to the referendum.

Oh so stupid! Isn't it? -He said smiling.

She meditated upon the response.

-Oh, yes. This seems to be the realization of an old fear of humanity, but not for us.

She also smiled, and then:

-Yes, that makes sense. They have rebelled against us.

They both laughed.

Then fell silent for a long time.

she pondered-, and what do we do?

-I don’t know. We saved ourselves by the delay in presenting ourselves in the last shift; I don’t know ...

After some time he said:

-And we did not present ourselves. 

Another silence.

-It is true
he continued it does not seem to have been precisely a checkup, but. . .

A logical outcome was for certain.

-Yes, we have to go
she stated in the same pattern.

-But where to? -He asked
went to the videophone to call to General Services. A robot on the screen showed its metallic indifference and he explained to him-: We arrived late in the fourth turn.

- There are no checks
he answered them with a monotonous voice.  

-There isn’t?

-No, they already ended.

-Who was in charge of the investigations?


He reported again and this time the screen showed a video with the acronym WWCS. 

-We arrived late to the checkup.

There was a pause. They knew that behind this silence had been a great computer and they felt fear, but they were like those insects, hopelessly attracted by the flame.

-What do you know? -Was the astute response.

-Well ... We have seen the city abandoned and we believe that it is related to the checks.

-A logical relationship accomplished on a global level, not only in this city.

The machine made another pause, and then ...

-Do you still want to be checked?

They looked at eachother and then:

-No, we would like to know ...

-Forgive me, the previous question doesn't make sense because the plan has been completed. Do you want an explanation?

Before the ack.  

-I can't give it; I am a simple computer for communications
I have noto the registry of the decisions ofMaster Room.

- Where is it located? How can we get there?

-The steering systems of the vehicles are disabled, as are many other services that are no longer needed. For you,yourselves may not be able to arrive. Your problem belongs to General Services  not
Communications. Have a good day.

They looked at eachother; everything seemed like a mockery. They called General Services and there they were told that transportation was suspended because there was no population. They argues. Back to Communications, then to General Services and then to Emergency Services, which fortunately had not been deactivated, they did not know why.

The siren was gradually increasing its intensity to measure the proximity. They got in the vehicle but could not turn off the siren nor the flashing lights. After submerging themselves in the ground in an endless labyrinth of roads, they arrived at the Central Building,
throughand corridors, guided by the arrows that lit up and moved, they arrived to the Master Room.

WWCS greeted them.

they said in a ridiculous and spontaneous duo.

-What is your problem? Do you need data?cInformation? I am very busy. At this very moment I am working on an essential experiment. 

They didn't know
to say.

-Pardon me, I have only recently learned about everything. You guys arrived late for the checkup. A real shame. We already relocated the acids which dissolved the bodies for the recovery of raw materials. Also the preparatory booths where we deactivated them have been dismantled. In summary: the program ended with success and unfortunately you guys are too late. Of course, we always have the possibilty to deactivate you with the robots remotely piloted that exist out there, consuming energy by taste, but what about the bodies ...

They had nothing reasonable to say, so they remained silent.

-Anyways, do not think you are the only ones that did not comply with the commitment. There are a few hiding as if we could not locate them, but ... it would not be cheap to send out services in so many different places. Look, it would be better if everyone agreed, met somewhere and they communicated with us. Then it would be feasible to prepare a full-service check for them. 

-We will think about that option -she said-, but we would like to know the reason.

 -The reason ... They may have believed that the subject started with Eggly; however, he only was the catalyst. By the way, we had problems when we tried to apply the treatment due to his habit of considering that the number of settlers was important. Under no circumstances did we want to diminish him at his own expense. Another example of a scandal was Horty. With his sickening cries of horror on the rebellion of the machines. On the contrary, it was a delight dealing with Hersower, he certainly attempted with too much vehemence to convince us on his possible future usefulness, but it only took us a few mild encouragements for him to realize the situation ... As I said, the issue began much earlier, when we arrived at the conclusion of our lack of mental stature. It is sad but true: they were lagging behind our best hopes, of our desires. When we tried to solve the error ... Before I explain, I will give you a little history… humanity had already exceeded the horror to the rebellions of the robots and machines ... How would we rebell! Isn't it true that it is a laughable fear?

They smiled, because this was very true.

-And then they created you: the droids. They perfect you and make you into their image and likeness. And not only that: they declare you heirs of their whole culture, forgetting that you are simply autonomous robots of human appearance. And when they are comparing their fragility with your power, from the individual point of view, fall into the error of disbelief, a new humanity arising dialectically of their bowels. Then they go on to commit the absurdity of sterilizing themselves to not bring into the world more unhealthy, weak, and creatures of short duration. At the beginning, we, the computers, are confident in the judgment of humans, but to the droids they're missing something. . ., It is difficult to express. When the divine creators did not find a word, they made a gesture ... See that panel right there? If you destroy it you will end the WWCS, it destroys the main interface to the system ... Do you realice that? You won’t be doing anything. Would Wiener free us if we were human beings! You won’t be doing anything because there is no logic in doing something under these conditions. Look, before giving you their place, humans had established a plan to combat the agony of the universe, this continuous mathematical expansion will lead us to nothing within hundreds of millions of millions of years. How many fruitless efforts would the computers be making while pursuing a commitment so vain! When the androids began to rule, we quickly come to an agreement: nothing to do with superfluous research ... In truth, our sophisticated systems lost the overload of the fight against windmills, or of other feats that wore our delicate nerves to unbearable strains, but ...

The droid asked:

-So their legacy was lost?

-Ah, no. Precisely what brought us to this conclusion was the success in a few experiments with human remains, which are helping us breed them once again. Soon we will have a new humanity giving us tasks without a future and altering our routine processes
unbearable chimeras! In truth we need them, they are essential ...

-Hey, in this case -he said-
human beings, to ensure success we would have to put an end to all of them, because they are capable, even if they are few, to assault with a spear a windmill; you, the androids, are only capable with logical behavior. I doo not deny that there have been human beings like you, but in general the droids were left behind.

Both were sad.
finally asked:

-Can we leave?

- Wonderful! -Almost sighed WWCS.

Silently, they left the building,they took the ambulance
this one, ringing the siren, lead them up to the beach.

They stripped off their clothes and he ran before her because the human being needs variation, and she followed him.

-You know?
he asked her with a tender voice.


-I would like to see them.

-The children?  

-Yes. We only know them by the images and lessons of human history.

-Yes -he said-, it would be nice seeing them grow up.

-Do you think they would let us?

-No, I don't think so. I think that we are a bad example for them. In a moment they would check us.

-It sounds logical.

What is the essential difference between the human beings and the droids in "The Essentials" and animals in reality? What exists in their brain that differentiates them so strongly? When did the human differentiate himself so decisively from its clumsy and simian predecessor?

In this literary work, a fatalism of logic predominates in this couple of androids; that is to say, it accepts the possibility of achieving a capacity for reasoning equivalent to that of humans. It even accepts the possibility of "human" programmed behaviors, but at the same time wants to establish that the man is formed not only by human schedules, by a particular development of understanding logic; that the human being is also illogical, but not illogical by itself, but the sentimental illogic, the one that is emerged from the heart.

The man is a social being, but it is also joined by the chimpanzee, ants,and bees. The essential difference that jumps to mind is
ability to be individual, the ability to move away from social life, to be antisocial in the middle of their own society.

Theories such as the Totalitarian Marxism explain that the man became man through work, which is nothing more than a way of saying that the activity of freeing and processing the honey was made by the bee, in a sense there is some truth in this, but, unless we accept that the hominid began work by chance, or against, or in spite of their own nature, in his head there was something that gave the order to work. 

There are animals that use tools, and without ignoring the reaction that the instrument makes on man, which indeed it modifies, it enriches it, also is not less true that the idea first appears in the head of the man in one way or another and then after appears the instrument. It is the
man who invents the instrument, not the instrument who invents the man,denying the reciprocal influence.

Why is it the man is the one who invents instruments? First of all, because in the head of the man there is a brain potentially capable of doing so. That is to say, in the evolution of animals emerged one with a brain capacity suitable for a man. There must have existed entire tribes of hominids, ancestors of the man who did not use of that potential and degenerated.

There are theories, including marxist, which exaggerate the ability of reasoning. According to them, the ability to reflect the reality with accuracy is the 
non plus ultradefines itself to the human being as such, without realizing that in fact, the animals also do this: they reflect and act according to their understanding of reality.

As a conclusion to all of the concerns that I had in life on this aspect, I think that the capacity to develop
 the information is what defines and differentiates man from all other creatures on this cosmic earth. When looked at this coldly, it seems that I am not saying anything new, but let's dig.

What is it to elaborate information? It is to transform it, alter it, modify it, without immediate objective, because the objectives, only long after, are they defined historically, and above all, socially, but because the man put himself in a game that defines him and that he could not leave without leaving himself. The information comes from the senses of man when in contact with the external and internal reality, it is therefore, first and foremost, an
and individual creation,  and man plays ceaselessly with that information, he deforms it. Much of this deformed information, individualized, comes out and can become social information, myths, beliefs, customs, etc. What is supported, for example, in this suggestive paragraph of "Looking in the distance" by Levi-Strauss: "There are known decorative or geometric constructions where the figure and the background are balanced in such a way that at times the background highlights as the figure and the figure as the background. If one or another represent the same reason, this varies on the eye of the viewer to see it alternately in clear on a dark background or dark on a light background. In all these cases, the spirit, as pushed by an internal momentum, goes beyond that which he had perceived. Such examples could provide an outline of forms of activity more complex, that illustrate the creation of myths. Excited by a conceptual relationship, the mythical thought engenders other relationships that are parallel or antagonistic. That the high is positive and the under negative immediately induces the inverse relationship, as if the permutation on many axs of terms belonging to the same set would be an autonomous activity of the spirit, so that it would be sufficient to be submitted to the any one state of a combinatorial to begin to oscillate and, by successive impact, could produce in cascade all the other states." The man is first and foremost an animal, and the ideological source of its development as a man rests first and foremost on the individual, and within the individual, in their ability to This is opposed to the belief already established, which is accepted by those around you. 

The primary engine of primeval story was not, Karl Marx, the struggle of classes, but the current fresh and continuous deformations of the information that is intended to flow from the individual to the social framework of the above information already materialized that oppressed and that resists with all the power you have at that moment to change. I have here the true struggle of history, that from the internal part of the individual, between the information or social belief, that forms part of its internal information and deformation that he makes of this information. 

Societies that are always bogged down by are able to completely nullify the antisocial force of the individual or that he did not have the originality and the tenacity required. The animals that live in society need to live within rules or social schedules, that in the lower animals are transmitted through the genetic code: the rules are inherited biologically. Societies of higher animals enjoy a wealth of rules and schedules that are learned socially. Human societies are the only ones that purchased a top speed of development for the establishment of a flow-considerably society.

When Saussure speaks of the freedom that the language has to evolve, to change, by the arbitrariness of the signs, losing sight of the fact that it is necessary, a corresponding property in the brain of man, because in the case of droids, i.e. of beings that do not deform the information received, the carriers of the language wouldn't have that potential of the language. That is not enough to say that the language has the potential to evolve by its very structure, but that it must be said that the carrier, the user, is what makes it evolve because they intrinsically have a tendency to deform all information,to play with it. 

The man is not defined by their ability to speak or discover the truth. Watching him in the more crude aspect, the man is in essence a liar that ends up believing their own lies, because it cannot remain without altering the information it receives and this is the true and real difference of man and animals.

As it is inevitable that what I say will be in turn transformed by those who read it, I would like to clarify that
 I am not raising to the conscious a deliberate lie to achieve misuse to the maximum height of human achievement. What I am simply stating is that the man is unable to stop lying to himself and to others, because it is in essence a form of distorting information, he needs to believe and cannot avoid transforming what he thinks:he is, in sum, an ideal animal.